10108 Asafoetida Inde (10g)

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There’s no getting around Asafoetida’s famous stink: it’s known to the French as crotte de diable (literally: ‘devil’s turd’). But the unpleasant sulphuric odor of raw Asafoetida dissipates when placed in hot oil, leaving behind a roasted garlic flavor. A digestive aid as well as an antiflatulent, it lends a roasted garlic flavor to simmered dishes.  


Indispensable in Indian cookery, Asafoetida is used commonly with peas, lentils and beans. It also adds a nice touch to vegetable and fish curries.


Asafoetida is rarely in its pure form. Ours only contains a little bit of gum arabic and that's all.


Ingredients : Gum arabic, Asafoetida

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