10125 Cumin (Inde 50 g)

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Cumin is arguably the most popular spice on the planet after pepper, used regularly in kitchens from Mexico to China. While there are many varieties, this Indian Brown (or Blonde) Cumin is the most all-purpose cumin of our selection.

Normally a commodity spice, we import these highe grade cumin seeds from the markets of India. Care, from planting to harvest, as well as during shipment, ensures unrivaled potency and aroma.

Cumin is used in nearly every type of cuisine. In Spain, cumin is paired with paprika. In Mexico, with chiles and oregano. In China, with ginger and garlic. In Indonesia, with coriander and cardamom. In India, with practically every spice. We recommend using whole cumin seeds and grinding them if needed.

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