Épices de cru - Vanilla Bean Ecuador

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Tahitensis varietal. Very floral with a round flavour . Écuadorian vanilla beans are short, supple, plump and extremely rare.

There are many ways to use vanilla beans. Simply split the beans and scrape the seeds into your recipe. The split bean should not be discarded and can be infused in boiling milk to make custards and other milk-based desserts. Split and whole beans can be placed in a jar or bottle, which is then filled 40% alcohol or plain vodka and left to sit for a 1-2 months. We recommend 4 to 6 vanilla beans per cup of alcohol.

Split and whole beans can be used to make vanilla sugar. Simply place the beans in a jar with sugar and let rest for a few weeks before using. As the sugar in your jar is used replenish regularly with more sugar and the occasional bean. Never discard the dry vanilla beans as they will simply disintegrate with time. A family’s vanilla sugar jar can be considered an heirloom.


Each tube contains 1 bean


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