Épices de cru - Green pepper Tribal

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Sourced from the same sustainable estate as our black Tribal pepper. This selection is made from very early-harvested berries for their green, fresh and mildly hot pepper flavor.

Cultivated in India by aboriginal peoples known as Tribals. Our Tribal pepper is sourced from villages within the boundaries of a national park dedicated to the preservation of tigers. In this way, locals are able to derive an income from their native land without damaging the environment. Grown from original cuttings of wild pepper vines from the jungle.

By our request, this selection is harvested particularly early for its fresh herbal taste and for a milder green pepper. Indian traders find this practice unusual as it yields a costly, low-weight green pepper but all agree that the taste is superior.

Perfect for cream sauces, fish, vegetable dishes and pepper stake. Blend with other peppers in your pepper mill.



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