10872 Mélange escale aux Caraibes (35g)

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Caribbean cuisine is the jubilant culmination of a combination of flavours, of which this blend is a perfect example. It includes ingredients indigenous to the region, such as habaneros, West-Indian bay leaves and allspice, as well as a variety of other spices introduced by French and Spanish colonialists, then later, others brought by Africans and Indians.

On each Caribbean island there are combinations of spices and herbs very similar to these, created using dry and fresh ingredients, which serve as the foundation of many dishes. This is what we have reproduced by blending dry spices. Use to enhance the fragrance of rice and peas, grilled chicken or simmered sweet potatoes. Add to squash soup, sautéed shrimp or any coconut-based dish. The ideal blend to add a ray of sunshine to all your dishes!

Ingredients: allspice, thyme, chili, garlic, mace, pepper, coriander, cassia, nutmeg, leek, onion, turmeric, bay leaves, allspice leaves, clove.

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