Our thistles are placed in hot water and lightly flattened. Only then do we attach them to rails by hand, which are later fixed onto drums. This takes place in the wet spreading machine that requires special expertise. The loops will not all be completely even – after all, we are processing a natural product. For this reason, large and small thistle heads (over 1,200 of them) are alternately affixed. And that is no mean feat because the thistles are hot from the water and naturally prickly. Due to the enormous effort it involves, we are one of the few firms that still use this technique. However, we can only ensure our exceptional quality and shiny result in this way.

Why go through all of this? Only this specific finishing technique makes our cashmere scarves feather soft and fluffy and we have loved and used it here at FRAAS since the company was founded in 1880. Thus, it is no wonder that we have captured it in our brand logo.

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