The Workshop

In our production, unique pieces with limited editions, we merge jewelry, aguayo, natural wool and traditional materials from our argentine culture giving a new meaning to the use of this ancient artisan techniques. Besides our modern and urban esthetical interests, we try to reflect in our creations the values of the original inhabitants of our land.

Our work takes its ingredients from the culture we live in, using traditional ancient techniques, mergin them with new technologies, new materials and new ideas. In a constant estimulating atmosphere of experimentation, research and artistic creation and still paying the close attention to detail that this ancient profession requires. This is the way we feel, live and experience our creations.



Is used as cradle for babies by native population. It also symbolizes effort, and the resultado of labour. Aguayo beautifully conjures up God's face and maternal heart. It's related to family gathetings around a table as well. Aguayo synthesizes and symbolizes the whole life of native inhabitants.

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