Épices de cru - Oregano Oaxaca

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Highly fragrant, Mexican Oregano presents notes of citrus and menthol with a unique mineral backdrop.

Botanically distinct from the more famous Mediterranean variety of Oregano, Mexican Oregano is worth experiencing. As a member of the mint family, it offers a broad range of flavors reminiscent of marjoram and lemon thyme. This large-leaved herb holds up well to high heat and long cooking.

Our genuine Mexican Oregano is from the Valley of Oaxaca, a little known herb growing region that produces powerful flavors.

Mexican oregano is, of course, the herb of choice for any Mexican cooking: enchiladas, chili, moles, salsas, you name it. It can also be used like classic oregano, lending its unique flavor to tomatoes, peppers, and most vegetables. It’s also great on eggs.



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