Routine - Day Oli Woke Glow

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Rosehip oil helps protect the skin from the weather with a healthy dose of vitamin C and can also help with acne.

Sea buckthorn contains a ton of antioxidants to help with regeneration and elasticity.
Myrhh is both a powerhouse and a smooth operator for rejuvenation and maximum moisture. 
Frankincense can both reduce the appearance of pores and the look of wrinkles.

Start your a.m. routine with 3 to 4 (or if you’re feeling it, more) drops of serum warmed in the palm of your hands. 
Take a nice morning breath in of the frankincense, myrrh and bergamot, then press gently into your exquisite, clean face before applying any moisturizer or makeup.
(But you don’t really neeeeed makeup because your face is ace.)

30ml, glass bottle with dropper. 
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