Raplaplas were invented in 2005 by Erica, a gal who sure knows how to use a needle and thread! Made slowly in Montreal, these cloth companions embark on exciting adventures across the world as soon as they are adopted by a child.

The Raplaplas will listen to all your secrets and even laugh at jokes that aren’t funny. These soft dolls in captivating colours and enticing textures share a boundless passion for all that is sweet and show their brave Mona Lisa smiles during even the toughest times (like when it’s time to take a spin in the washing machine, for instance!). 

Designed to be loved, hugged and tugged, the Raplaplas are washable, repairable (sold with a wanranty) and made to last a very long time. So don’t be afraid to use them!

Handmade with love in Montreal.